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Charing Cross Symposium

The Charing Cross International Symposium is one of the largest vascular and endovascular congresses in the world. Held every year in London, it focuses on Education, Innovation and Evidence, with a three-year theme cycle of Controversies, Challenges and Consensus.

BIBA Publishing

BIBA Publishing is a provider of news and education in the medical field. We pride ourselves on being a unique publishing house with a broad range of areas and topics covered and a focus on top-quality print, website, video and roundtable content.

BIBA MedTech Insights provides consulting and market analysis services to medical professionals and organisations in the medical device industry in Europe and North America.

s1-cx logo CX 2021 Digital Edition enjoyed a fantastic global response with 3,273 registrants from 88 countries. In addition, 6,752 vascular specialists in China watched the CX 2021 CME programme through a partnership with “News of Vascular” from China.
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